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On the Border


Here I am in front of my two ZIAS (over my head in black frames) at The Small Works Show in Greenville, SC. I won the Merit Award for my work, $75.00!  I am going to work harder and a bit larger for next year, as placing artwork got $200, $400 & $600 prizes!  The pieces that won were “Fish Out of Water” that I actually did as a Diva Challenge 123, and the other I called “The Beach”. (You will need to scroll down after clicking to see them).

It has been quite a while since I participated in the Diva’s  weekly challenge (… seems it has been since my wonderful cat, Sam, died.  I also got involved in textile pattern and surface design online classes (, and had to learn how to work with Illustrator and other digital art software. I was finally able to create patterns that I could upload to, a great place to upload and buy/sell your own fabric designs. I do love patterns!

Also, I am going to the June 22 CZT training session in Providence, RI next year! I am soooo excited! Yay oh Yay! If any of you are going to be there too, let me know! To learn more about this, please visit

Here is my Zentangle based on a border that I found in my surroundings. I have these really cool beaded coasters, and I used the border of those coasters in my tile. The coasters have little jingle bells attached to the outer edge, and I noticed they kinda look like “Poke Root.” I love Jane MacKugler’s “Henna Drum” tangle, and have incorporated that into my tile. I also used “Sparkool” by Lara Williams to fit inside the curved border.  As usual, I added my own embellishments on the edges, and I added auras here and there.



Adventures in Monotangles : Cadent

I just discovered this weekly challenge, Adventures in Monotangles, found on Roy  Stauffer’s blog,  Mindful Creations .

I was so excited to see that he had chosen “Cadent”, an official Zentangle®  pattern. Cadent offers soooo many possibilities! I have put into my sketch/notes some ways to play with this pattern:

(as always, clicking on photos will enlarge them:-) )


Here is my first tile. It includes organic, floral forms done with Cadent technique.

Cadent Flowers2.laura.sanders.2013

Next, is a tile in which a large Cadent grid is the string. I call this one “Cadent Quilt.”

Cadent Quilt 2.laura.sanders.2013

And last is one that occurred to me as I was falling asleep: what if Cadent pieces were doubled or transparent or floated? I also played with color on this one with Derwent Inktense pencils. I have not done much with color , so still experimenting.

Cadent Pieces2.laura.sanders.2013

This is another tile I did before the monotangle challenge, and it features Cadent.


The floral forms were created with cadent technique, as were the “leaves”. This Zentangle also features official zentangle patterns:

Cadent & variations of it, Poke Root, Springkle, Fife Variation, Tipple

By other designers:

Cruffle by Sandy Hunter

Organza by Ruth Howell

The seahorse, upper right, is my doing as well as little embellishments and the leaf forms on the left, under the floral forms.


Diva’s Weekly Challenge #125, “Birdie Feet”

This month’s “use my tangle”, aka “UMT”, is Birdie Feet by Owl Loving  April.  The pattern step out is here

I enjoyed doing this! I drew a string that made a wandering path through my tile, and filled it with Birdie Feet. I put dots all around the feet to remind me of bird seed.  I surrounded the path with variations of Hollibaugh, Mooka, Locar, Tipple, Zander, and a variation of Scrolled Feather by Helen Williams. The upper right area is a variation of Hurry–filling the area with alternating lines .


Clicking on the image will enlarge it.

Zentangle® patterns used: Locar, Mooka, Zander, Tipple, Variations of Hollibaugh & Hurry

Variation of Scrolled Feather by Helen Williams

Birdie Feet by Owl Loving April

To read about weekly challenges, go to I Am the Diva CZT ( )

To learn more about the Zentangle® process, go to my page, Zentangle News.


Daily Writing Prompt: What About Facebook….


Facebook. Jeeze.  I am like many others in thinking that I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

What I love about it is the ability share the little things of daily life with family and old friends that I may never see again.

Being around someone everyday, one shares the little things, the minutiae, of day-to-day life.  That act of sharing creates bonds with others,  and gives one  feelings of comfort, belonging and stability.  (That is, if the relationship is a positive one.)  Sharing with family and dear friends is what I love about Facebook.  I especially love seeing pictures of and hearing stories about my siblings’ children as they grow. Facebook makes it easy to connect, and is much more convenient than email. Email has become like the mail box by the road: full of non-personal missives such as bills, reminders, magazines, catalogs and junk mail.

Facebook certainly does have a downside, as just about anything else in life.  I get annoyed with politically motivated rants, emotional “look-at-my-suffering” posts, the “here-I-am-every-hour-of-my-day” notifications, self-promotion, religious “honk-if-you-love-Jesus” or “re-post-this-if-you-are-my-friend” blather, and the constant “RIP’s” every time a famous person kicks the bucket–it’s almost as if a contest were going on to see who can be the first to announce the death!  I “hide” those types of postings.

There are courses of action that can be taken to guard privacy. It takes a bit of time and thought to go through all of the options available in order to do a thorough job, but it can be done.  I pretty much avoid all apps and games and contests that require complete sharing of information, and I have chosen who can view which photos, and what types of postings I will allow from certain “friends.”

I will admit, I do a lot of “hiding”, but the annoyances of Facebook, for me, do not outweigh the good things that I get from it.  The reconnection with family members and old friends is priceless to me.  But then, I am over 50, and at my age, these connections are more prized than ever.  I also get a kick out of the “memes” and funny videos and jokes, and I enjoy being informed of new places to eat and upcoming events. I like cats.

As the old adage advises: All things in moderation. Facebook is what one makes of it, and I am glad that it is here, but don’t get me started on smart phones….


The Intuitive Artist

It's All in the Palm of Your Hand The Dream of Aengus

The intuitive artist works without a plan, or with just the bare bones of a plan. I am the “bare bones” type of intuitive artist.

The Intuitive part of all works of art comes from within the artist. I had always struggled with finding a subject worthy of drawing, but I realized that I never had that issue when I doodled, and my doodles were always pretty beautiful. Why not take that mode of creating art and hone it, put a little more thought behind it, and create it in that “doodling zone?”

I then came up with an idea, and I had lots of ideas, and decided how I would represent that idea. I started with an image, for example my meadowlark in “The Heart of a Bird in Winter,” then I thought about how to make connections and break up the space. Once I had this mapped out, I filled in the spaces with lines and motifs that seemed “right” to me…and that is the intuitive part.

I love working this way.  I never lack for a subject because my ideas are my subjects. I love working with patterns and lines and values.  Working this way, within rather than without, feels valid to me, and my work is truly MY work.


Hello world!



My name is Laura Sanders, and I started this blog as a way to get  images of my art online, and to share my thoughts.  I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband and three cats.  I love nature, and I love living in this part of the country. The weather is tolerable, and we are not far from mountains, sea, lakes and forests.  The artistic community in the upstate and in western North Carolina is  active and productive.

I hope to hear from other artists as I contribute to my blog!

Keep creating!

Laura Sanders

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