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Here are a few of my drawings.  I have done most of them, except for the earliest, with graphite on watercolor paper.  These drawings are small in scale, most of them about  12×14 inches.

Most of my drawings communicate symbolically an emotional state that I was dealing with at the time, as well as making universal connections.  I love using vines as a way to connect elements along with line and motif.

I always draw the moon, sometimes two moons, and stars in a nighttime sky at the top of my drawings. The night sky holds a fascination for me and represents that expansive feeling of  spiritual longing and knowing that something big is “out there,” something full of love.

I am a very spiritual person, but not religious. I love Kwan Yin and what she represents. The drawing of Kwan Yin shows her holding a willow branch, symbolic of tears, and pouring her compassion into the waters of the Earth from a vessel in her hand. She sits on a lotus blossom. The peacock imagery comes from a tale about her in which she sent peacocks to watch over us while she is away.


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