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New Blog Just For My Tangling Stuff!

I am moving my tangling info to a new blog,

Please check it out!


Diva’s Weekly Challenge #125, “Birdie Feet”

This month’s “use my tangle”, aka “UMT”, is Birdie Feet by Owl Loving  April.  The pattern step out is here

I enjoyed doing this! I drew a string that made a wandering path through my tile, and filled it with Birdie Feet. I put dots all around the feet to remind me of bird seed.  I surrounded the path with variations of Hollibaugh, Mooka, Locar, Tipple, Zander, and a variation of Scrolled Feather by Helen Williams. The upper right area is a variation of Hurry–filling the area with alternating lines .


Clicking on the image will enlarge it.

Zentangle® patterns used: Locar, Mooka, Zander, Tipple, Variations of Hollibaugh & Hurry

Variation of Scrolled Feather by Helen Williams

Birdie Feet by Owl Loving April

To read about weekly challenges, go to I Am the Diva CZT ( )

To learn more about the Zentangle® process, go to my page, Zentangle News.


The “Stuck” Artist…AKA, Me.

So, there comes a time when the creative energy seems to desert an artist, and it seems to have deserted me.  I have a pile of projects that I have begun, and everyday I walk past them and think to myself, “I’m going to do something with that today,” but I do not know what it is that I should do with them.

I see other artists busily creating and showing and selling their works, and I think, “I could do that too,” but when it I get home and try to imagine how and what I would create, zilch.

What is it that is in my psyche that does not want to move forward? Do I think too much?  Why am I stopping myself, since it must be my own doing as no one else is interested in whether I create or not?

I am going to grab one of my many incomplete art journals and a fine-point Sharpie and just start doodling…what ever flows out of the pen will be fine. Perhaps that will help to get my brain into the “Right” mode. That is what I have heard, that one must be in the right-side-of-the-brain-mode in order to create.  Apparently, I am in left-field.

I will let you know, and if I am successful, I will have, finally, some new art works or crafts to display.

How do you keep your creative juices flowing?  Please, no walk-in-the-rain-with-my-sweetheart stuff. Does anybody ever really walk in the rain with their partner as a romantic moment?


The Intuitive Artist

It's All in the Palm of Your Hand The Dream of Aengus

The intuitive artist works without a plan, or with just the bare bones of a plan. I am the “bare bones” type of intuitive artist.

The Intuitive part of all works of art comes from within the artist. I had always struggled with finding a subject worthy of drawing, but I realized that I never had that issue when I doodled, and my doodles were always pretty beautiful. Why not take that mode of creating art and hone it, put a little more thought behind it, and create it in that “doodling zone?”

I then came up with an idea, and I had lots of ideas, and decided how I would represent that idea. I started with an image, for example my meadowlark in “The Heart of a Bird in Winter,” then I thought about how to make connections and break up the space. Once I had this mapped out, I filled in the spaces with lines and motifs that seemed “right” to me…and that is the intuitive part.

I love working this way.  I never lack for a subject because my ideas are my subjects. I love working with patterns and lines and values.  Working this way, within rather than without, feels valid to me, and my work is truly MY work.


Hello world!



My name is Laura Sanders, and I started this blog as a way to get  images of my art online, and to share my thoughts.  I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband and three cats.  I love nature, and I love living in this part of the country. The weather is tolerable, and we are not far from mountains, sea, lakes and forests.  The artistic community in the upstate and in western North Carolina is  active and productive.

I hope to hear from other artists as I contribute to my blog!

Keep creating!

Laura Sanders

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